Dying to Live

If you need help loving God, loving others, and living the love, we invite you to join us March 1 - April 16 in a season of spiritual renewal we are calling "Dying to Live." Just as a seed dies before it produces life, and just like Jesus died and rose to life, God calls us to die to our self and sin so we can experience life!

It all started on March 1st when many of us gathered together for our Ash Wednesday Service. 

If you missed it, or if you want a recap of what we talked about, watch the video below . . . 

You'll hear all about how you can grow during this season of spiritual renewal, 

and you'll be challenged to make life-changing commitments to God!

Then, check out the Commitments section below the video for more details, 

and make sure you download the resources we've created to help you experience spiritual renewal. 



Before we challenge you to make any commitment, please hear God's challenge from Joel 2:

Yet even now, says the LORD, return to me with all your heart, 

with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning;

rend your hearts and not your clothing. 

Return to the LORD, your God, 

for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, 

and abounding in steadfast love . . .

Please consider making the following commitments from your heart. Otherwise, you probably won't follow-through on the commitments. If you do, they probably won't produce any lasting change. But with a heart surrendered to God, 

just imagine what a different person you will be on Easter Sunday if you've spent weeks committed to the following . . . 

1) Subtract something from your life so you can practice dying to your self and experience life in Christ. 

Click here for ideas. 

2) Add something to your life so you can practice dying to your self and experience life in Christ. Click Here for ideas. 

One way get your life into the rhythm of the death and resurrection of Christ

is to read a Scripture each evening about the death of Christ, 

and a Scripture each morning about the resurrection of Christ. 

We've designed the reading plan for you - just Click Here to download it.

3) We are challenging every person in our church family to fast each Friday, beginning March 3rd. Don't be scared by the idea of fasting - instead, look at fasting as a way for your flesh to get weaker while your spirit gets stronger. Yes, you can fast from food for the whole day, but there are many other options of how you can fast . . .

Ideas of what to fast from: 

  • fast from all food and drink, except for water
  • fast from a certain food
  • fast from a substance (tobacco, coffee, etc.)
  • fast from one of the ideas suggested on the Subtract document

Ideas of when to fast:

  • fast from one meal each Friday
  • fast from two meals each Friday
  • fast for the entire day
  • fast from Thursday at 7pm to Friday at 7pm

Two other thoughts about fasting. 1) Devote the time you would normally spend eating to praying, worshipping, serving someone, going on God's mission. 2) When you feel physical hunger or weakness, allow God to strengthen you with His Spirit. 

Then, on Easter Weekend,  we are challenging you to extend your fast from Friday, April 14th, into Saturday, April 15th. We'll all break our fast together Sunday morning, April 16th at our Easter Feast!

4) We are also encouraging you to commit to the following special events during Easter week:

  • Maundy Thursday Service: we encourage you to commit to joining us as we remember the Last Supper Jesus ate with his disciples, including Communion and a footwashing experience that is a powerful opportunity to serve and be served by our church family (footwashing of course is optional). 
  • Good Friday Day of Renewal: we encourage you to commit to joining us for one hour on Friday, April 14th, to spend time remembering the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Leaders will be at the church from 6am until 9pm, so come whenever it is convenient for your schedule. We'll sing together, pray together, and continue hearing God's voice from the Gospel of John.
  • Family Renewal: we encourage you to commit to spending 30 minutes in Family Renewal on Saturday, April 15th, with your spouse, children, or other family and friends. You can read Scripture, listen to music, pray, it's up to you. We'll provide ideas closer to the date for what to do - for now we just ask you to commit to this meaningful way for your family to remember Christ's death.
  • Easter Feast: we invite you to our Easter Feast and Worship Service at 9am or 11am on Easter Sunday. We'll eat together, worship together, and hear a powerful message celebrating Jesus' life and the life we can have in Him! Kids will also enjoy our Easter Egg Hunt at 10:15am!

It's a really good idea to tell someone you made these commitments. Click Here to print out the commitment card (hard copies of the cards are also available at Church in the Palms). Prayerfully, from your heart, make each commitment you feel God leading you to make. Then, sign one card and turn in the card at Church in the Palms. We want to celebrate your commitment with you, and we will pray for you to fulfill your commitment. Keep the other card to help you remember what you have committed to do!

Dying to Live Special Events

Wednesday, March 1st, 7pm: Ash Wednesday Service

Fridays, Mar 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Apr 7, 14: Fasting

Thursday, April 13th, 7pm: Maundy Thursday Service

Friday, April 14th: Good Friday Day of Renewal

Saturday, April 15: Fasting

Saturday, April 15: Family Renewal

Sunday, April 16th: Easter Feast and Worship @9am & 11am